Wasting time on the company dime? Build a social strategy for internal audiences

How much time to do you spend on Facebook? How about Twitter?

As a communications professional, probably quite a bit of time. According to Facebook’s IPO filing earlier this year, the average Facebook user spends more than 12 minutes a day using its site. That does not include time spent using Facebook’s mobile apps.

According to ComScore, Americans are spending hours and hours every month on social media sites like Pinterest (1 hour and 17 minutes), Twitter (36 minutes), LinkedIn (17 minutes) and even poor Google Plus (6 minutes).

While we talk a lot as communicators about what that means to our external marketing efforts, time spent on social media is becoming a serious issue for transportation agencies concerned about how their employees are spending their days. Are they wasting time on social media, or are they being more efficient?

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Oklahoma Video Remembers Bridge Tragedy

Video is a powerful medium. In this case, it was the perfect tool for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to help remember an Oklahoma tragedy, paying respect to the victims and families and celebrating the work that continued  afterward.

Straight talking: West Virginia DOT cleans up


Often, the most credible person to talk about the transportation system is the maintenance worker who cares for it. Or, the engineer who designed it. In this case, Colen Cox, West Virginia DOT District 2 Supervisor, talks straight from the heart about what it means to him, as a person, to be part of helping people get back to normal after a devastating storm.

Why is Twitter so popular with transportation communicators?

Last July, AASHTO asked state DOT communication officers to complete a brief survey about how states are using social media in their communication efforts. While we are beyond calling these tools “new media” they remain new enough that tracking their use and adoption seems like a good idea. The resulting report, released in August, provides a quick snapshot look at the ways in which social media tools are being used by state DOTs.

There were a couple of interesting insights gleaned from the survey results. Perhaps most significantly, Twitter is perceived by most (nearly 49 percent of respondents) as the most effective social media tool for reaching DOTs prime audiences. Facebook was cited by only a third as being the most effective tool. Linkedin, podcasts, video, blogs all were cited significantly less as being very effective.  Continue reading