Talking Transportation: From ‘Pothole Palooza’ to the Tweeting Pothole

In 2009, the District Department of Transportation began what, at the time, was a fairly novel way of interacting with the public over the state of infrastructure. What became known as “Pothole Palooza” was quite brilliant. The folks at DDOT told the public to “tweet” photos and the location of potholes and someone with the city would be out to fix it within 72 hours.

The response was immediate and immediately successful. The public responded so well that in 2015, the District announced that it had fixed more than 36,000 potholes during its annual spring campaigns. You can actually see the results and track repairs on a DC DOT map. Continue reading

Before you speak, feel: Expressing empathy for your customer can help build your brand

Photo courtesy Stephanie Brown

There was an interesting story that circulated around the local news outlets recently in the Washington DC area. A local special interest group, Collective Action For Safe Spaces, was set to push the DC City Council to ask Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority – known locally as WMATA or Metro (that’s the subway side) – to participate in a public service campaign to raise awareness about sexual harassment in public spaces.

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