From a customer’s view: Iowa DOTs new web site

A transportation colleague said something recently that struck me as rather profound.

She simply asked, why is it that we can do our banking at 2 a.m., but we cannot get a permit from the state DOT at 4:30 p.m. because the office is closing?

There is a lot in that question. It suggests that we might need a basic re-thinking of government services and how we deliver those services. It suggests that “regular” office hours are probably not regular any more.

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Advertising Transportation: Are all those customers worth much?


Thousands of people every day visit transportation department web sites. Ever wonder how much those eyeballs are worth?

Transit agencies have dabbled in advertising to customers for years, but transportation departments rarely try to generate revenue from their online properties. In a time of declining revenue, what is the chance that states are sitting on a gold mine in the form of dedicated, regular web site visitors? One state DOT has been exploring that question over the last few years.

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