New Research Reveals Messages that Move Public to Support Transportation Investments onlinepubs nchrp docs NCHRP20 24 93 C_FR.pdf
Key themes and messages identified in the new report, “Mobile Messages: Moving People to Support Transportation.”

A new research report published this week by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program offers some insight into how the general public views transportation, and suggests some ways to discuss investments that could generate greater support.

But there are not any “silver bullet” messages that work in every situation.

“Mobile Messages: Moving People to Support Transportation,” analyzes the results of more than two dozen case studies; a survey of transportation agency officials; eight focus groups; and, two dial testing sessions. Continue reading “New Research Reveals Messages that Move Public to Support Transportation Investments”

Talking preservation? New report offers clues on how to improve outreach programs

Paving machine
Photo courtesy Washington State Department of Transportation

A new report from the Transportation Research Board‘s National Cooperative Research Program finds that, “Bringing about a change in attitudes toward highway maintenance and preservation actions will require thoughtful and ongoing communications campaigns by DOTs.”

“Communicating the Value of Preservation: A Playbook” is a well-written primer that state DOTs can use to develop outreach campaigns around the concept of preserving infrastructure. Continue reading “Talking preservation? New report offers clues on how to improve outreach programs”

Building your brand tweet by tweet

The Transportation Research Board annual meeting is one of the most comprehensive transportation meetings with more than 11,000 attendees tackling issues as diverse as signal timing and real estate right-of-way to the role of the federal government in transportation and … Twitter.

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