Can you hear me now? Taking time to evaluate the communication effort

RTG79RqTLRegardless of where we work in transportation communications — state or local transportation department, transit agency or special interest group — we all have messages to deliver and stories to tell.

Have you ever asked how that was going?

Sure, we can track how many news releases we write and some even go further and track what publications actually print stories that include mention of our agencies. But how can we track whether our messages are really getting delivered? Are people really listening?

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On writing well: Four tips to better writing and communications

It is no secret that for a campaign to be successful, you must spend time developing outstanding strategies and you must carefully execute tactically. But if you do not spend time on good writing, it will be for nothing.

The smartest, best planned campaign can result in failure if the proper amount of effort is not given to ensuring that your writing is solid, that your key messages are clear and easy to pick out. For transportation communication professionals, this is perhaps an even greater concern.

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