Journalism is here to stay, so listen up

typewriter, iPad and television

This week I got a chance to attend a local Public Relations Society of America National Capitol Chapter sponsored panel session featuring multimedia news reporters. I jump at any chance to listen to journalists, especially when they are willing to talk about the shifting sands upon which the industry is currently built.  Continue reading

Your customers are mobile, are you?

Transportation is about movement. If you are in the business of communicating about transportation, understanding movement seems about as basic a skill as you might need. Yet, many of our colleagues in the business are slow to realize that our audiences are now more mobile than ever before.

Research suggests that as many 80 percent of American adults use the internet in one way or another. Nearly 60 percent of internet using adults access the internet wirelessly. Expect that number to climb significantly thanks to all those iPads, Kindle Fire, e-readers, iPhones and other smartphones sold during the holiday shopping season.

What does that mean for transportation communicators? A significant percentage of your core customer base is mobile. The people who make up that base will expect you to be mobile too. Continue reading