News releases still matter and three reasons you should care

I was going through a file recently after moving into a new home with my family. It was one of those files that was stuck in a box that was not labeled and that I had not opened in probably 10 years. The file was labeled, “Internet PR.”

File Folders

As I glanced at the clippings I’d saved and notes I’d written a decade ago, I realized I should have written “new media.” Or maybe “social media.” But, then again, Internet PR seems to be a better way of describing how we are using internet technology. It’s a tool to help all of us be successful at public outreach and communications – what I call, PR.

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Content Marketing … We Are The Media

For transportation agencies, whether you communicate about the highways or the buses or the bike lanes you are creating important and highly valuable content. Your customers – the system users – seek the information you have. When will the bus be here? Can I drive the interstate or should I take an alternate route?

But have you thought about how you use that sought after information to grow your audience for your organization’s key message?

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