Journalism is here to stay, so listen up

typewriter, iPad and television

This week I got a chance to attend a local Public Relations Society of America National Capitol Chapter sponsored panel session featuring multimedia news reporters. I jump at any chance to listen to journalists, especially when they are willing to talk about the shifting sands upon which the industry is currently built.  Continue reading

Measuring communication? Five tips to help start a performance measurement program

“How’s it going?”

Bump into a friend on the street and you might hear, “How’s it going?” After all, it’s a casual, friendly way of greeting someone.

But get that same question from your boss, project engineer, transportation secretary or state legislator and, the innocent question: “How’s it going?” becomes a challenge for many transportation communicators.

The simple fact is that we in our business spend very little time actually evaluating how we are doing at communicating about transportation. We pump out the news releases, tweet until our fingers are number, but can we really say that things are going well?

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Learning and Growing: What are you doing to stay fresh and current?

There is an aspect to communications work that is always evolving. We talk about it often here on this blog, that technology influences behavior and societal expectations for how transportation agencies can, and should, share information with its stakeholders and customers.

Keeping up with it all is hard work. From public participation to public information, communication and outreach best practices are evolving so rapidly that it is unreasonable for any one person to be considered the premiere expert on all of it.

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