State of the Media: Why it still matters

I learned some very important lessons in journalism school (aka: Washington State University. Go Cougs!).

I learned the proper use of the comma. I learned never to use passive verbs. And I learned to follow the money. Always follow the money.

So what does that have to do with communicating about transportation? A lot, actually.

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Media relations: Is your news outreach making the grade?

We are at a unique point in the evolution of transportation agency media relations. The evidence is mounting that journalists and journalism are changing in ways we hardly could have expected just a few years ago.

For instance, the New York Times and the Financial Times both are close to generating more revenue from subscribers than advertising dollars.  Just reaching that point suggests an amazing shift in power that we will have to watch closely. Gigaom takes a hard look at why and how the basic economics of news operations might affect the size and scope of the news industry. And, I’ve written before (“Three insights for transportation communicators from today’s newsroom editors”) about how reporters are increasingly using social media to help cover their topic areas.

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