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Can you hear me now? Taking time to evaluate the communication effort

Regardless of where we work in transportation communications — state or local transportation department, transit agency or special interest group — we all have messages to deliver and stories to tell. Have you ever asked how that was going? Sure, we … Continue reading

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Talking Time: US Times Zones and Other Oddball DOT Stories

Departments of transportation have all kinds of responsibilities that go far beyond filling potholes and making sure the traffic signals are synchronized. During my time at the Washington State Department of Transportation, I was constantly amazed at the variety of … Continue reading

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Media relations and the ‘social’ evolution

I was having lunch with a reporter friend this week and he casually mentioned something that nearly knocked me off my seat. I am a former newspaper reporter, having worked deadlines and ink before the Internet became a common tool. … Continue reading

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Media relations: Is your news outreach making the grade?

We are at a unique point in the evolution of transportation agency media relations. The evidence is mounting that journalists and journalism are changing in ways we hardly could have expected just a few years ago. For instance, the New … Continue reading

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