Iowa DOT: 100 years and counting

The interesting thing about transportation is that we have  being doing it a long time. The way that we have traveled has changed, but the fact is that whether it has been by foot, camel, train or rocket, we have indeed been about the business of transportation for a very, very long time.

Despite that long history, it is still worth noting certain milestones. This week the Iowa Department of Transportation celebrated its 100th anniversary. The folks there have put together a wonderful history website that provides an excellent multi-modal trip back in time, exploring the people, the innovation and the changing ways in which we travel.

Happy anniversary, Iowa DOT!

Model T on the Lincoln Highway between Ames and Nevada, 1918. Photo courtesy: Iowa DOT


On writing well: Four tips to better writing and communications

It is no secret that for a campaign to be successful, you must spend time developing outstanding strategies and you must carefully execute tactically. But if you do not spend time on good writing, it will be for nothing.

The smartest, best planned campaign can result in failure if the proper amount of effort is not given to ensuring that your writing is solid, that your key messages are clear and easy to pick out. For transportation communication professionals, this is perhaps an even greater concern.

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