It’s Personal: The Smartphone’s Influence on Transportation Communications


iPhone5More evidence was released this week suggesting that the days of sitting-at-a-desk, full-monitor web site experiences are waning.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project published its latest research that shows roughly 63% of American cell phone users access the internet with their cellphones. That translates to more than half of all American adults. And of those who access the internet via cell phones, more than a third say it is the primary way in which those cellphone owners access the internet.

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New Technology and Information Overload: A Few Questions from Neil Postman

Neil Postman, media and cultural critic.

Neil Postman, media and cultural critic.

Earlier today I was working on preparing materials for some training sessions and I was reminded of something said by Neil Postman, a very important media critic and social theorist who never lived long enough to see the full development of “cyberspace,” the term used to describe our online world in the 1990s.

Postman, during a 1995 interview on the PBS NewsHour, was asked, “What images come to your mind when you, when you think about what our lives will be like in cyberspace?”

Postman answered,”Well, the, the worst images are of people who are overloaded with information which they don’t know what to do with, have no sense of what is relevant and what is irrelevant, people who become information junkies.”

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Content is king: Anytime, anywhere, any device

I love sports and read sports news several times a day. So it is probably not a surprise that a USA Today sports story,
“Pac-12 Conference networks come with big money at stake,”
caught my eye.

Actually, it was one specific comment made by Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott that got me to thinking. Commissioner Scott, describing the impetus for a new college sports  network, said this: “The idea is Pac-12 content, anywhere, anytime, by any device.”

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Latest Pew study gives further evidence that it is a mobile world

20120414-110514.jpgThe latest Pew Internet and American Life Project report that was released last week found that a whopping 63% of American adults access the internet through some kind of wireless/mobile device.

In addition, nearly 90% of American adults have a cell phone, six in 10 have a laptop, and nearly 20% own an e-book reader, and nearly 20% have a tablet computer (such as an iPad).

The ramifications of these data for transportation communications professionals is significant. The trend we forecast 18 months ago has already arrived. We now have an almost entirely mobile audience that is no longer tethered to a computer attached to a wall.

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