The problem with #hashtags: @BAFuture’s #Imstuck

Hashtags are a tough deal. I really encourage anyone deciding to use a hashtag to do some research before picking a hashtag that will support your message and strengthen your branding.BAF App

Earlier this week, Building America’s Future released a new mobile app that helps people tell Congress when they are stuck in traffic. The app encourages users to copy BAF and share on Twitter when they have sent a message to Congress.

The app received some great coverage and I’ve watched for some backlash toward the app since it appears to encourage drivers to send messages while they are behind the wheel. I know that it doesn’t directly encourage distracted driving, but the idea that someone would send a message to Congress while stuck in traffic kind of infers that. 

Still, the app seems really smart and I’m intrigued. But the hashtag, #imstuck, seems to have landed with a thud. I’ve compiled a few of the items on Storify.

I truly wish the folks much success. We need all the awareness we can get for transportation in Congress. But maybe we need a better hashtag? 

TransComm preview: Five transportation stories that will shape the year ahead

With AASHTO Subcommittee on Transportation Communications annual meeting next week in Raleigh, NC, it is worth noting a few of the stories that are likely to be part of the conversations. Please remember, this blog does not offer political commentary. This list simply acknowledges some important stories that transportation communications professionals have a high chance of managing in the coming year.

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