From Country Songs to Flying Cows: ADOT’s Award-Winning Blog Tells the Stories

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed to other day and this item caught my eye.

“Watch an ADOT clip of an implosion of the 1949 Pinto Creek Bridge, west of Globe-Miami.”

”We’ll, sure I want to see that,” I thought.

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February resources for transportation communication pros

Periodically I come across resources that I think might good to have handy. Here is February’s list of sites and tools that I think transportation communicators might find useful. Continue reading

Resources for transportation communications pros

In recognition of the holiday season, I thought I would offer my colleagues in the transportation communication world a few of go-to resources for staying current and informed about what’s happening in our world.

Transportation news:

Before you can communicate about transportation, you have to know what’s going on around you. Of course there is AASHTO Journal and AASHTO’s Daily Transportation Update, which I highly recommend (along with AASHTO Mobile, available for Android and iOS).

Here are a few of the better industry blogs covering Capitol Hill:

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