WSDOT Video Explores Tunnel Construction

One of the tremendous opportunities offered by online video is the ability to take transportation stakeholders to places they might never go and to see things they might never see.

The Washington State Department of Transportation recently gave its stakeholders a unique view of the State Route 99 tunnel currently under construction. So far, the simple aerial view inside the tunnel has earned more than 154,000 views on YouTube.

According to WSDOT, the massive tunnel boring machine Bertha had carved nearly a third of the length of the nearly 2-mile-long tunnel that will ultimately replace the aging Alaskan Way Viaduct that runs north and south along Seattle’s iconic waterfront.


Speculation abounds: What’s blocking the $80M TBM Bertha?

BerthaDigsSR99If there ever was a time to check in on what’s happening in Seattle, it is now. No, not because the Seattle Seahawks are dominating the National Football League. The massive tunnel boring machine digging a 1.7 mile path under the city is stuck. Nicknamed Bertha, the $80 million TBM is part of a massive project — years in the planning and implementation –designed to replace the elevated double-deck highway that runs along the Seattle waterfront with a tunnel.

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