New CEO Video Series Targets ADOT Employees

There is a common tendency among most transportation agency communication teams to overlook one of their most important audiences – the agency employees.

Internal communications is tough, whether it is done for a major corporation or a transportation agency. The organization is generally spread across a large geographic area. Employees in different work groups and geographic areas might have different access to, and comfort with, different communication technologies. And, at the end of the day, the communication team kudos for a job well done most often come from external communications with media or the general public.  Continue reading “New CEO Video Series Targets ADOT Employees”


Social Media Tools in Practice: Arizona DOT Talking Transportation

Social media tools work best when embedded within an existing, well-rounded communication program and when those tools are leveraged to their truest capabilities. And the Arizona Department of Transportation this week proved it.

Earlier this week, while many people were heading back to the office from a long weekend, the ADOT communication team was working on getting the word out about a road failure in a remote part of northern Arizona south of Page where the state highways are some of the only roads. In fact, the detour around the road collapse is 45 miles. Continue reading “Social Media Tools in Practice: Arizona DOT Talking Transportation”