Talking Transportation is focused on the practice of communicating in the specialized area of moving people and goods throughout our nation’s economy. This blog is less concerned with the public policies involved in managing and operating America’s transportation system, and absolutely concerned with the art of transportation conversation.

The ideas and opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent the official attitudes and opinions of any organization.


IMG_6308Lloyd Brown is a strategic communications consultant focused on helping transportation organizations effectively communicate with their audiences. Living in Arizona, Lloyd enjoys running marathons and triathlons, playing guitar and spending time with family.

Lloyd was the director of communications and marketing at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials for 11 years. Prior to joining AASHTO in August 2010, Lloyd served as the Washington State Department of Transportation communication director, overseeing the administration of WSDOT’s public information and involvement activities throughout Washington, including such high profile projects as the SR 520 Bridge and Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement. He was responsible for all facets of agency communications – strategic messaging, crisis communication, agency branding and web site administration.

Under Lloyd’s leadership, WSDOT was recognized as a national leader in the development and implementation of social media tools, redefining the agency’s relationship with the public. He continues to be interested in how social media and new technology shapes the communication relationship between government and the general public.

Lloyd is a member of the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Public Engagement and Communications. He has a master’s degree in Communications and Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Washington State University.

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  1. Dear Mr. Brown,
    If you have some ideas about how unconventional transport systems can become more visibile to the public and their decision-makers, they would be most welcome. I montior more than 100 of them from around the globe but only a few people know that they exist. People in state DOT’s might be interested in learning about some of them but they are hard to identify and communicate with. My Innovative Transportation Technologies website is at:

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