Talking public transportation: Mobility Lab asks ‘Where are we headed?’

Mobility Lab is one of the more interesting groups advocating for transportation investment. Based in Arlington, Virginia, the group describes itself as “a leading U.S. voice of “transportation demand management” – moving people instead of cars – and works to create a shared national voice with clear calls to action from TDM agencies across the country.” 

As Mobility Lab explains, transportation demand management is really the opposite of infrastructure investment. It works with people to better use the system we already have in place — most often that focuses on public and active transportation options.

Mobility Lab recently posted a couple of videos that begin a series exploring the future of public transportation. Paul Mackie, Mobility Lab’s excellent communications director, writes, “These videos feature several transportation thought leaders discussing where public transportation is headed and ways we can all be involved. They are part of our attempt to consolidate the various – often conflicting and confusing – messages from public-transportation advocates.”

The work of groups like Mobility Lab takes place all across the country and it is critically important to the overall health and longevity of the transportation system. We cannot possibly build enough infrastructure to meet our society’s peak transportation demands.

And we know from focus group research that users of the system want a choice of modes that offer flexibility to meet their dynamic lifestyles – especially in urban and suburban environments.

Helping our customers to navigate the existing system more seamlessly and efficiently should be a goal for everyone involved in transportation industry. In this day and age, the customer is not the highway, it’s the person walking, biking, riding or driving to their next destination.

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