Talking Work Zone Safety: “He’s the best dad ever”

Be Work Zone Alert

The California Department of Transportation recently launched a new work zone safety campaign featuring agency workers and their families.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)  and its partners — the California Highway Patrol, California Office of Highway Safety, California Department of Motor Vehicles and Impact Teen Drivers — recently launched a new work zone safety campaign featuring Caltrans employees and their children under the tagline, “Be Work Zone Alert.”

The multimedia campaign features a beautiful web page, outdoor advertising and public service announcements. Social media posts feature the hashtag #BeWorkZoneAlert.

The Caltrans team also created a behind the scenes look at the making of the public service announcements. The video includes interviews with children of the Caltrans employees.

When asked why it is important that people move over and slow down when they see construction workers, one little girl said, “Because he’s the best dad ever.”

It’s a wonderful moment and one that brings home in a very real way that highway workers across the country are not simply roadway features – like guardrails or light poles – that can be fixed or replaced. They are people with families who make significant contributions in their communities.

The Caltrans campaign is a nice lead in to the annual National Work Zone Awareness campaign that was created to draw attention to the need to drive safely through roadway work zones.

A coalition of transportation organizations — including the ATSSA, AASHTO, FHWA, ARTBA and AGC among others — sponsor the annual Work Zone Awareness Safety Campaign kickoff, which this year takes place on March 24 in Virginia. You can learn more about the national campaign at the ATSSA web site.

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