2 thoughts on “What this transportation communicator wishes for in a new year …

  1. I’ve often thought a National TV PSA on “where your gas tax goes” might be just the ticket to help folks Get It! (You pay roughly $? a tank in Trust Fund tax, and that $?? buys only this much asphalt, this much concrete, this much steel (is that how short your trip is?)… Over a year, the average motorist drives 15,000 miles a year … show them visually that’s from “blank” to “blank” every year …. And let’s not forget, something that visually points out just how much asphalt, concrete, and steel in total for the system we are talking about across the U.S (Piled HIGH so they get it) …..And, how their lives are dependent on transportation EVERY DAY …. school, work, church, doctor’s visits, vacation, groceries, truck transport moving stuff to stores, mail delivery, (perhaps involve the National Ad Council, other advocates, or an AASHTO pooled-fund effort?) Merry Christmas … Here’s one idea on how to get your wish …..

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