6 thoughts on “Changing expectations: Mobile devices are shifting information preferences

  1. Great points, all, Lloyd. We need to be sure that our messages resonate with the target audience of each of our delivery tools. And that might mean some restructuring of our shrinking staffs.

  2. The reply from some of the newer mobility technologies companies would be something like, “why do these agencies bother to do this? Why not just open source the data and let others spread the content?” I’m looking forward to how that conversation continues at the Innovation in Mobility Summit…

    • Good comment, Chris. I think mostly that’s true. For instance, there are several traffic apps out there, yet transportation agencies also publish their own. The data sources are the same. So why bother? Because at the end of the day, it is the agency collecting the data that people want to hear from directly. It’s a credibility issue. And, in the case of state DOTs, there is probably a higher obligation to ensure that the information going out is as accurate and credible as possible.

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