Pew Internet Offers a Peak into Internet’s Future

To remain most effective in communications, it is a good idea to pay attention to what’s happening on the Internet. After all, the societal embrace of the Internet with all of its information sharing and communications power has had a profound influence on society and the ways in which we see the world.

I often cite the Pew Internet and American Life Project for its ongoing tracking of trends related to the Internet and the ways in which we interact on the Internet. Pew Internet is marking the 25th anniversary of the Internet with a series of reports. The first report, published last month, was an overall look at the development of the Internet and its rapid adoption by society. It’s very interesting material and worth digging into.

But the latest report is perhaps even more interesting for those who are as interested in what comes next as they are in what’s happening now. The 15 Theses About the Digital Future explores theories for the good things that come in the Internet’s future, and digs into potential negatives.

Experts cited in the report suggest that among the positives to be found in the Internet’s future is an even more connected society that is less constrained by political and geographical boundaries. Collaboration among different cultures and perspectives have the potential to revolutionize business, entertainment and education.

But there are serious warnings, too, including a growing digital divide, and even more bad behavior some.

There is much to digest in the reports. Even for the tremendously busy transportation communicator worried about the next news release, the opportunity to peak into the future is too useful to pass up.

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