Show your work: Transportation behind the scenes

I have suggested many times that giving the public a peak at what things look like behind the detours and road closures can only help tell the transportation story. The Washington State Department of Transportation team regularly does this, and the public seems to enjoy it.

Recently, the WSDOT team took advantage of an annual bridge closure to get some additional road work completed.

The project itself, while awesome to watch, is not necessarily the most amazing work the agency has underway right now (for instance, check out the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project). But the peek at what a weekend closure can accomplish certainly impressed WSDOT’s customers. Take a look at the comments left below the video.


YouTube is often the place where the worst of people comes out in the comments. But in this case, the public truly appreciated the effort WSDOT made to look behind the scenes.  

2 thoughts on “Show your work: Transportation behind the scenes

  1. LLoyd rocks, WSDOT rocks. The time-lapse above was followed up by a teaser email, Cats stalk fish in new culvert. Of course it was the Caterpillar excavators, but the clever WSDOT spinmeister (B. Bender) fooled me. Day-am, I said, that was fast to get the fishies into the new culvert

  2. Lloyd…. we’ve got a major reconstruction of the downtown interchange of I-71 and I-670 here in Columbius. One of the things we’ve done is establish a Facebook and Twitter page for sharing not only photos of the work, but we also produce a weekly e-blast newsletter that is very popular with commuters, as it give the latest news on both construction progress and any major traffic pattern changes. We have gotten almost nothing but great feedback on this effort.

    Check it out:

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