Internet trends clearly show more mobile

The 2013 Internet Trends report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a Silicone Valley venture capital firm, was released last week. The report does a good job of showing what many of the people working in social media and communications have known instinctively for some time. There has been huge growth in mobile usage in just a few short years and that transition should be changing the way in which we think about our communication tools. 

SmartphonesAccording to the report, smart phone market share has gone from a relative sliver in 2005 (5%) to a dominating position (nearly 90%) in 2012. By tracking phone sales by operating system, the KPCB analysis places smart phone adoption even higher than the Pew Internet & American Life analysis, which reports that smartphones are owned by 45% of American adults.

What social media do you use?The KPCB report also provides some of the latest insight into the latest buzz in social media circles – the decline of Facebook. The trends report shows that Facebook is the most dominant of social media sites, but it also was the only one of the major social media that saw a dip in user activity. While the demise of Facebook is clearly overstated, there have been recent suggestions that young people are not engaging on Facebook as actively as their parents – not surprisingly. Concerns over the usefulness of Facebook as a marketing tool has even prompted some thoughtful analysis of Facebook’s most frustrating marketing aspects.

There is much more to glean from this latest Internet usage report. If you work in transportation communications, spend some time on this. Whether you work in social media, or media relations or public involvement, understanding where the people are gathering is critical to your communications success.


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