Talking Transportation: Check out the Faces

Faces of Transportation

Warning: This is a shameless self promotion.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, where I serve as the director of communications, hosts an annual photo contest that we are actually quite proud of.

There are a couple of unique aspects to this photo contest. First, while it celebrates the work of state department of transportation photographers, AASHTO last year opened the competition to the general public. And, while many of my colleagues think roads and bridges and buses and trains are beautiful, this contest attempts to emphasize the people who use the transportation system. Hence, the photo contest name — “Faces of Transportation.”

So, if you enjoy taking photos, or know someone who does, consider entering the photo contest. And, as you use the transportation system look around. There are faces all around you.


Author: Lloyd Brown

I am the director of communications for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. I enjoy running marathons and triathlons, playing guitar and spending time with family. My professional interest is in how social media and new technology shapes the communication relationship between government and the general public. I have a Master’s degree in Communications and Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Washington State University.

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