State DOTs Share Sandy Images

It has been a few days since Hurricane Sandy slammed her way through the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. Throughout the storm and as soon as the winds subsided after the storm, state DOT crews were on the job clearing roads of debris and closing roads too damaged to open.

As if we needed a reminder of the importance of photos in our communications programs, here are a few images from a few of the states affected by Hurricane Sandy. The stories these photos tell are truly worth thousands of words.

New York State Department of Transportation
House Under A Bridge

New York State Department of Transportation
Trucks Ready to Roll
More social media from NYSDOT.

Virginia Department of TransportationVirginia Snow Storm
More social media from VDOT.

Rhode Island Department of Transportation
Flood Water Over the Road
More social media from RIDOT.

North Carolina Department of Transportation
Beach Road Buckled
More social media from NCDOT.

West Virginia Department of Transportation
Tree Clearing
More social media from WVDOT.

Maryland Department of Transportation
Tree clearing
More social media from Maryland DOT.

Delaware Department of Transportation
More social media from DelDOT


Author: Lloyd Brown

I am the director of communications for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. I enjoy running marathons and triathlons, playing guitar and spending time with family. My professional interest is in how social media and new technology shapes the communication relationship between government and the general public. I have a Master’s degree in Communications and Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Washington State University.

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