2 thoughts on “Technology and public engagement: Are we there yet?”

  1. Lloyd, as communications director for the Mineta Transportation Institute, I have to agree. I see it here in my own community and among my own friends and colleagues. The younger ones have a facility for understanding the iPhone immediately, for example, while some of the older users have trouble getting past the phone, camera, and calendar apps. Often it’s older users who rely on public transit the most, or those of lesser means, who may not have the latest technology. How do we make it easier for them? Our first questions as communicators should be, “Who is our audience, what information do they want from us, and what’s the best way to deliver it?”

    Unfortunately, too many communicators simply throw the spaghetti against the wall to see how much of it will stick. But our questions would be answered easily and correctly if we simply listened to the people we’re trying to reach. Communication isn’t a one-way street. But too many in our profession treat it that way.

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