Iowa DOT and Safety Go Together Like Pumpkin Spice and the Holidays


If you were driving in Iowa over the Thanksgiving weekend, you probably saw the message on electronic message boards stretched across the state’s major highways – north to south and east to west.

“What doesn’t go with pumpkin spice? Drunk Driving”

Iowa DOT’s pre-Thanksgiving highway safety message

With the holiday season at hand, pumpkin spice is seemingly everywhere. Unfortunately, drunk driving remains nearly ubiquitous. The Iowa Department of Transportation hopes the public makes the connection.

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Two DOTs Unveil New Websites Focused on Users

The workhorse of the modern strategic communications program is the website. It’s the starting point, hosting the most important elements of a brand – from the visuals to the basic brand promise.

Two state DOTs – Washington (WSDOT) and New Mexico (NMDOT) – unveiled updated websites this month and both emphasize information that the public wants the most.

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From Country Songs to Flying Cows: ADOT’s Award-Winning Blog Tells the Stories

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed to other day and this item caught my eye.

“Watch an ADOT clip of an implosion of the 1949 Pinto Creek Bridge, west of Globe-Miami.”

”We’ll, sure I want to see that,” I thought.

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